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Marinated Beef fillet rolled in fresh herbs

A good piece of juicy, tender beef fillet, cooked to perfection, is something I will gladly pay for at a restaurant. I have never been game to try it at home, mainly because my past experiences trying to cook expensive … Continue reading

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Caramel Tamarind Salmon

Salmon is my favourite type of fish to cook and eat. I was never a big fan of fish when I was younger, battered fish and chips being the only exception, so it wasn’t till I was a teenager that … Continue reading

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Garlic Prawns

Garlic prawns is one of those dishes I can’t resist when I see it on a restaurant menu. I love soaking up all the garlic-infused olive oily juices with pieces of crusty bread- that’s what makes this dish so spectacular! … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Risotto with Spinach and Fetta

To me, risotto is one of the great comfort foods. A big bowl of steaming risotto is so filling and moreish. It is a great meal to make when you have a little time to relax and stand over the … Continue reading

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Quick Lemon Salt and Pepper Calamari

Salt and pepper calamari is one of the dishes you will see on almost every cafe menu in the country, not to mention all the Italian and Chinese restaurants and Fish and Chip shops who do fried calamari as well. … Continue reading

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Berliner Doughnuts

When I was in high school I went on an exchange program to Germany for a month, staying on a pig farm in North West Germany with a wonderful family who have since welcomed me or members of my family … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy Passionfruit Souffle

With all the custard tartsĀ  I’ve been making lately, I’ve managed to build up a large number of egg whites in my freezer. So what to do with all of them? The obvious things that came to mind were pavlova … Continue reading

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Italian Stuffed Lamb Cutlets

I saw Antonio Carluccio, the famous Italian chef, when he came on the TV show, Poh’s Kitchen, on ABC. Antonio Carluccio has written countless cookbooks and make some wonderful TV series on Italian food: Italian feast and Southern Italian feast. … Continue reading

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Portuguese Custard Tarts

Ever since I had my first bite of one of these lovely tarts years ago, I have had a fondness for them. The custard texture is beautifully creamy and a far cry from the strange yellow gelatinous custard tarts that … Continue reading

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