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My name is Monique Knowles and I live on the NSW Central coast, just north of Sydney.

I am a cookbook addict! I just love reading recipes and collecting cookbooks with beautiful photographs. The first cookbook I fell in love with as a child was the Womens’ Weekly Children’s Party Cake cookbook. That cookbook was read so many times it has now fallen apart! It has to be the best birthday cake cookbook ever published. Whenever it appears on ebay the auction bidding goes through the roof!

I also have quite a collection of food magazines, mainly delicious magazine, which I buy religiously every month. But most of my cooking inspirations come from online, on recipe websites like Taste.com.au or various cooking blogs. I have amassed so many recipes that I have the intention to get around to cooking, so  I figured having a cooking blog would be a great  way to force me to start cooking more new things!

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  1. Kate says:

    The Family Circle Cakebook was also rather a classic, with all its suggestions for cake decorating! You could always adapt some recipes and write your own cookbook…

    My little sister Clare (in Year 7) loves cooking, I’ll have to show her your site!

    • monique says:

      Hehe.. I wish I was talented enough to be able to create a cookbook! Unfortunately our oven where we live is very old and too unreliable to bake large cakes and cheese cakes, so I’m limited to baking small things in it for now. 🙁 It’s a shame because I love baking.

  2. Iona Childs says:

    Hey Monique, Nice site! looks great.
    We’ll have to do a cook off together one day. I can make fish fingers 😉
    Wish i could bring back the gorgeous honey a friend gave me from her olive grove but quarantine will have a problem with it. I probably shouldn’t annoy them.

    • monique says:

      Thanks Iona! It’s a lot of fun doing the blogging. I would love to cook with you once you get back. Maybe we can try making gourmet fish fingers. hehe

  3. Philip Sutherland says:

    Heard about you from a friend of mine in Kuala Lumpur – I’m in Sydney. So there you go: international acclaim.

    Good luck to you.

  4. MargL says:

    Hi Monique – I discovered your site when searching for Vanilla Australia which was featured on Poh’s Kitchen on the Road this week. From there I found the best vanilla slice recipe leading to you. I’m a bit like you with recipe collections and seem to run out of storage space while still accumulating more. I’ve added your site to my Food favourites list – I live in Tasmania where we have some great ingredients.
    Marg L

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